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Be a King 3.0

Be a King and rule vast lands in this strategy game
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Be a King is a strategy game from 300AD. The game is set in the year 950, the early medieval ages. You as a royal character should improve the bad living conditions of the people in your kingdom. You do this by improving settlements in your kingdom. Every settlement has a different mission for you. The game is a basic strategy game; you build houses where the people will live, farms for people to grow more food and barracks to protect your citizens from invaders. The game does not allow you to control any units, or citizens; your job is just to build. You can upgrade each building to accommodate your needs. Of course, you need to buy materials to build the structures, and for this you should get money, but it is not as bad as it sounds. With each mission you get several objectives to accomplish. There is an occasional random event that will have you hiring a hero and sending him for a quest. Heroes can also stop invaders. At the beginning of the game it all looks like a good game. However, the more you progress the more you realize that no matter what is asked from you, all you do is the same. This makes the game very repetitive and eventually boring. The lack of units or more structures is the game's downside. There is a demo you can try before you make the choice to buy it.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good graphics
  • Nice features


  • Repetitive events and missions
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